Delivery Policies

Security Features

We at Edupay, provide excellent security features thus saving our clients from any threats of potential security breach. We have achieved this feat owing to the certifications we have secured in the latest security standards. These are the arduous security criteria, which we have set for the online transactions:

SSL Certification for Data Encryption standard:

The data that is transacted is being sent in an extremely secure encrypted form between the client and the server. This is ensured through VeriSign’s SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate.

PCI DSS Certification for an Ensured Data Protection:

Regular monitoring and maintaining a safe network remains our prime concern. Cardholders’ data is protected through strong access controls.

Appending the financial authorization with online authentication:

3D secure payment protocol provides for an extra security feature for all the online transactions and our clients remain safe from any fraudulent transactions.

Verification of data transaction through dynamic checksum and triangulation technology

Stress-free transactions are ensured by applying an additional security feature in data transaction mechanism. This prevents any data interception violation in the transactions through dynamic checksum and triangulation technology. The status of the transactions committed also remains intact throughout.

Deceit Recognition and its Deterrence


Big disquiets in security gaps have made detection of frauds a necessity. Because of this, we have employed up-to-the-minute technologies for uncovering the threats. Velocity checks, access profiling, bank specific limits and various other rule-based techniques have been used to give a secure and foolproof method of online payment system to the user.