Cancellations & Returns Policy

Cancellation Policy & Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition:

The use of our website (that will now be referred to as Edupay) and the services presented by it, will be subjected to your submission to the mentioned terms and conditions.

By using any of our services, you will implicitly be bound by the Terms of our policy.

It should be taken into consideration that in the policy hereafter, terminologies like, “You “or “User”, shall refer to the user who is accessing the services of Edupay.  The terms “we”, “our “and “us”, will speak of Edupay and its affiliates. For the third party service providers, “service providers” term shall be used.

All the rights of modifying the Terms and Conditions are a sole discretionary authority of Edupay. The policy may be subjected to periodic alterations and the user shall have the whole responsibility to get updated with the latest announcements and the changes in the policy made. Your continued use of the site will make you agree to the changes. Extended use of Edupay site will allow you to have an all-inclusive but restricted access to the services of the website.


Cancellation Policy

The elite right to decline or annul any transaction of an Edupay service provider is the sole authority of Edupay and its partner organization. This is applicable even in case of any confirmation of an order or payment. In the instances of processed payment, that later stand cancelled, the deducted amount will be reimbursed to the User and he shall be notified about the same. No deductions will be made in case of such discrepancies except the Service Tax and Convenience Fee.

Certain considerations should be taken up by the User before subscribing to the services of Edupay. The fee that is to be paid by the payer can be cancelled without his knowledge by the educational institution.

Proper care should be taken while filling up the details by the payer. Failing in which, may lead to cancellation of the transaction by the institution.

If the payer himself wants to cancel the transaction or the fee paid, he shall have to contact the Edupay within 12 hours of the fee transaction commitment.

In case, if Edupay has settled the fee payment with the institution, the cancellation of the transaction will take place according to terms and condition of the concerned institute.